We try to take a sensible attitude to dress and although the wearing of school uniform is not compulsory, pupils are strongly encouraged to do so, as it promotes a sense of pride and identity with the school. We discourage the wearing of jeans, hooded tops, fashionable clothing, fashion accessories etc. Coming to school neatly dressed in their uniform is part of the routine that encourages pupils to give of their best in school. We appreciate our parents’ support in encouraging the wearing of a uniform.

The school colours are purple and grey and a range of items can be bought in these colours from a range of places.  Throughout the year, there will be some designated “Dress as You Please” days when pupils can dress down. Parents will be informed of these in advance.  Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit.  For reasons of safety, we also ask that pupils wear reasonably flat shoes. As the teaching areas are carpeted, pupils are also asked to have a pair of gym shoes/trainers for indoor use.  Please mark all clothing and footwear clearly with your child’s name, as so many items are identical and it can be difficult to distinguish between them.

  •  Ties are available from the school or from George Donald Warehouse, St. Andrews Street, Peterhead Tel: 01779 474737
  • Sweatshirts, polo shirts etc. bearing the school badge can also be ordered directly from Buchan Embroidery, 36 Merchant Street, Peterhead. Tel: 01779 480900 and Jazmayme Embroidery, Clerkhill Road, Peterhead. Tel: 01779 478471.
  •  Blazers are available from Baru Scotland, Paisley Shopping Centre, Kirkintilloch Tel: 0141 8485755

For PE pupils should bring the following to change into:

  • t-shirt which tucks into shorts (we discourage the wearing of football tops and designer wear)
  • standard length shorts
  • gymshoes/indoor training shoes (preferably with Velcro or elastic fastening for younger pupils) all kept in a gym bag. 

For art activities pupils should bring:

  •  an overall or large fitting short sleeved shirt or T-shirt that is no longer required

Please Note: The Head Teacher has the right to suggest alternative clothing which might be more suitable if the child’s clothing influences safety or other pupils’ learning.  

With regard to safety, the wearing of jewellery (which we actively discourage) is not permitted during PE lessons. If your child (boy or girl) has pierced ears, please ensure they can remove and replace earrings by themselves. Any child wearing earrings that cannot do this will be asked to put surgical tape over them for PE lessons. (Parents should provide a named roll of surgical tape for this purpose.) Shoe string strap tops are also discouraged for safety reasons as they can catch on gym apparatus.

All clothing brought to school should be named or marked in some way, as it is difficult for children to distinguish their own clothing from that of others.

Some families may be entitled to a school clothing grant. More information about this can be found in the School handbook.